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About Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

1.What is the difference between Nitetronic SmartAnti-Snore Pillow and other Anti-Snore  pillows?

Other pillows simply raise the head, closing the upper airway and causing neck discomfort. When Nitetronic smart anti-snoring pillow detects snoring, it can automatically turn the head to side gently, which increases the gap between the tongue and the throat, retracts the soft tissue in the throat to reduce snoring, improving breathing and enabling healthy sleep.


2. Can Children Use Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillows?

It is recommended for adults over 18 years old.


3.What should I do if I feel that the height of the pillow is too low or high?

There are 2 add-ons in the pillow to adjust the height of the pillow. You can remove one if it is too high for you or add one if it is low for you.

It is not recommended to put other items on the anti-snore pillow, which will affect the effect of head position detection and air chamber.


4.Can other pillowcases be used for Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow?

It is not recommended to use other pillowcases. If you want to use new pillowcases, please make sure that the pillowcase is loose to avoid affecting the work of the smart pillow’s air chamber. It is recommended to buy Nitetronic pillowcases made for our smart pillows .


 5.Do I have to download the APP to use Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow?

No, you don’t. The pillow is plugged in and ready to use. You can track your sleep activity and view sleep time, quality, and snoring time and intensity on the APP directly, allowing you to know your snoring performance and sleep improvement.


6.Can Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow be washed or dry cleaned?

No, there are electronic devices in the Nitetronic anti-snoring pillow. Washing or dry cleaning it will damage the devices. When cleaning, wipe the inner pillow cover surface with a wet cloth. Only the outer pillowcase can be removed and cleaned according to the instructions on the washing label. Please note that do not remove the inner pillow cover.


7.Does Nitetronic smart anti-snoring pillown have to be turned on and off every day?

There is no need to turn it on and off every day. Nitetronic is a low-power safety product. As long as the pillow is placed on the bed and the power is on, it can be used as an ordinary pillow.



About Nitetronic APP

1.What is Nitetronic APP used for?

Nitetronic APP is used for :

1) Setting working parameters of smart anti-snore pillow, including snoring detection sensitivity , intelligent intervention mode and intervention time .

2) Checking snoring data to understand the effectiveness of using Nitetronic Smart Anti-snore Pillow.


2.How is APP connected to Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow?

After turning on the power, please follow the steps below to connect the Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow:

1) Press and hold the WiFi button of the controlbox for about 3 seconds until LED indicator light is flashing blue, which means that the device is ready to configure the network.

2) Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and connect your phone to WIFI ( Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow is applicable to 2.4G WiFi )

3) Choose the WiFi and enter password to add the device .


3.What should I do if I can't connect the Nitetronic  Smart Anti-Snore Pillow to the APP?

Before the APP is connected to the pillow via WiFi, please make sure that:

1) Control box is powered on,

2) The bluetooth of your phone is on,

3) The phone is connected to WiFi (only 2.4G WiFi ), and

4) Connecting the device according to the methods above.


4.If you have followed the above steps and still cannot connect the pillow to the APP, you can try to turn off the power of the device and turn on the power again after 3 seconds and then repeat the above steps to connect the device.


5.Incomplete APP data/no data after using it?

If the data displayed on the APP is incomplete / there is no data after using it, the possible reasons are as follows:

1) The device is not connected with APP(please keep the power on while using APP)

2) The Smart Pillow is not activated with the network (before using the pillow, you need to use the APP to connect the Nitetronic Anti-Snore Smare Pillow to activate)

3) The network connected to the pillow is abnormal / the network is disconnected while using APP.


6.What should I do if the Nitetronic Anti-Snore Smart Pillow intervene too frequently?

Everyone is different. Some users are more sensitive to the environment and hope that the pillow will have less intervention. In this case, you can lower the sensitivity level of the intervention on the APP.

Intervention insensitivity is divided into 5 levels, namely: Weaker, Weak, Medium, Strong, Stronger.

The initial setting is: Medium, which is the most suitable sensitivity level for most users. We can set different intervention levels to suit ourselves.


7.What should I do if I snored but the device did not intervene?

There will be differences in personal adaptability. Some users feel that the intervention of the smart pillow is not obvious enough, and they snored but the device did not intervene. In this case, the sensitivity of the smart pillow can be increased on SETTING page on the APP.

Intervention insensitivity is divided into 5 levels, namely: Weaker, Weak, Medium, Strong, Stronger.

The initial setting is: Medium, which is suitable for most users.


8.What should I do if the pillow is a little high when the Smart Pillow intervenes?

Everyone is different. Some users want the sleep pillow to intervene with a small range of motion. In this case, you can use the APP to set the “intervention intensity”on SETTING page.You can adjust the intervention intensity level suits yourself.

The initial setting is: Medium, which is the level of intervention intensity suitable for most users.


9.What should I do if the snoring intervention effect is not obvious?

Studies have shown that increasing the intervention intensity of the smart pillow can improve the effect of the Nitetronic smart Anti-Snore pillow. Everyone is different, and some users have higher requirements of the intervention intensity.

The initial setting is: Medium, which is suitable for most users.


10.How to improve the false interference caused by partner’s snoring?

Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow can recognize and filter sounds of your partner’s snoring but please note :

1) If there is only one Nitetronic Anti-Snore smart pillow, it is recommended to be used by people with more severe snoring.

2) Please keep a distance of more than 4 inches between the pillow and your partner's pillow.

3) According to the users’ feedback, the snoring intervention sensitivity can be lowered to the suitable level on the APP, then the intervention effect of the pillow will be better.


11.How to upgrade the hardware of Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow?

The Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore pillow is designed based on the platform strategy and supports remote upgrade of the client. Using the APP can help users easily update the firmware of the Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow to the latest version.

When there is a new version of the hardware, the APP will remind you to upgrade, you only need to operate according to the prompt content.


12.What is the working principle of Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow?

The Nitetronic Pillow physically reduces or eliminates snoring by adjusting the head position. When snoring sound is detected, the pillow will automatically and gently push the head to side, so as to make the breathing airway smoother, reduce snoring, and guarantee the snorer a healthy and undisturbed sleeping experience.


13.Is it possible to connect to the APP remotely? How to connect?

Yes. But for the first connection to the APP, the phone and the pillow need to be connected to with the same network. If the family does not use the APP, they can use their emails to register a Nitetronic account and bind the device. After the first successful connection, you can remotely view the data anytime and anywhere and change the pillow-related settings.


14.What should we pay attention to when using the APP?

When using the APP, you need to pay attention to:

1) Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow is a low-powered and safe pillow. You can place the pillow on your bed and plug in the power supply, then you can use the smart pillow. You don't have to switch the power on and off every day.

2) The device needs to be connected to the network the first time you use the device .

3) Please keep the power on when using it.

4) Please keep WIFI is connected to the device normally when you use the smart pillow.

5) Make sure your head is on the pillow when you sleep,or the data will not be complete.

6) Recorded data will be updated regularly, not always.

When you go to sleep at night with the pillow connected to the APP, you can view your snoring and sleeping data next morning on the APP.


15.Incomplete data? No data?

If it shows incomplete data or no data on the APP, it may be caused by the following reasons that:

1) The device is not powered on when you used the Nitetronic APP or you did not turn on the power supply .

2) The device did not match network.

3) The WIFI is disconnected when using it.

4) Your head is not on the pillow during your sleeping.


16.How to know the effect of intervention of the smart pillow?

1) We use effect intervention rate to represent intervention performance.The higher the rate is , the more effective the intervention is.

2) By checking the intervention performance,you can know your snoring intensity decreases.The more significantly it decreases, the more effective the intervention is.