Comparing the Nitetronic Z6 smart anti-snore pillow and Smart Nora

Comparing the Nitetronic Z6 smart anti-snore pillow and Smart Nora

While many anti-snoring methods and units are on the market, the two are a cut above the rest: the Smart Nora device and the Nitetronic Z6 anti-snore pillow. Both of them are here to rule out sleepless nights due to snoring.

Let’s unpack the major features and differences between them so you can make an informed decision to snore less.


Smart Pillow Nitetronic Z6  VS  Smart Nora

When detecting snoring sound, the pillow responds by gently shifting your head position through air inflation technology. This settles your head into a natural sleep position that prevents snoring without waking you up.


The insert fits into your pillow and spots snoring. It’s a discreet, nice-looking device that uses pulses to nudge your head back into an up-position when it identifies disruptive sounds.

It’s easy to set up and adjust using the Nitetronic App.


It’s easy to set up with the customizable Pebble.

Nitetronic Z6 is virtually silent when blowing air into the pillow layers.

Noise Level

You won’t hear any noise coming from it.

If getting feedback about your sleep is your priority, the Nitetronic Z6 is a perfect source to have it covered with in-app snoring reports.


No app or feedback about your sleep quality.


Both products are comfortable and non-invasive. Smart Nora is a lightweight device to be attached to your regular pillow. At the same time, the Nitetronic Z6 smart anti-snore pillow invites you to drift off with its lovely appearance and shape while keeping your head and neck in a restful position while you sleep. Due to its inflatable air chambers and memory foam, the Z6 can be adjusted to fit your head size, adding extra comfort.


Nitetronic Z6 is more personalization-friendly than Smart Nora. You can customize its snoring detection parameters, pillow height, intervention intensity, and more for a tailored experience. Smart Nora only has several settings for your head position, but there are no advanced customization options.

Ease of use

Smart Nora is a breeze to set up – just plug it in and start sleeping better. The stop-snoring pillow Nitetronic Z6 is also user-oriented and comes with a feature-rich smartphone app that you can sync with the pillow. That’s how you can unlock extensive insights on how often it works, the noise level it detects, and how much healthy sleep you get at night.

The app that brings the verdict in

The Nitetronic App tips the scales to distinguish the anti-snore pillow Nitetronic Z6 from Smart Nora and take your sleep patterns up a notch. Once you download it, you’ll appreciate Z6’s settings and an array of information about your sleep.

Overview Smart Pillow Nitetronic Z6  Smart Nora Insert
Clinically tested Yes No
Convenience Yes Yes
Non-invasive Yes Yes
Smartphone app Yes No
Sleep quality and unit function analytics Yes No
Universal adapter Yes Yes
Noiseless Yes No
No Sleep Interruption Yes No
Warranty 3-Year 1-Year

Ultimately, your choice boils down to your preference, lifestyle, and desired customization. But we are sure the Nitetronic Z6 is your best bet to stop struggling with sleep deprivation due to snoring!

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