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our goals at nitetronic

Reduce Snoring

The goodnite™ Anti-Snore Solution has been shown to reduce snoring on average of 85% per night. It can also reduce the volume or loudness of snoring up to 80%.

Improve Sleep Quality

You will feel better and have more energy while getting a restful night sleep. Increase your libido while decreasing your chance of heart attack and stroke due to snoring.

Maintain a Healthy Partnership

No more restless nights, no more nudging your partner to roll over, and no more sleeping in separate rooms because of your snoring. You deserve a goodnite™.

Innovations inside goodnite™


goodnite™ continuously monitors the user’s breathing sounds. It turns the head automatically, quietly and gently to the side as soon as snoring is detected. Turning of the head to the side increases the gap between the tongue and throat, which stops the vibration of the soft tissues in the upper airways and reduces the snoring sound as well as allows better breathing. The air-chamber inside goodnite™ remains inflated for a certain time period to hold the head in the position to prevent from snoring again.

How does goodnite™ work?

The difference between the goodnite™ and the other "smart pillows" is what's INSIDE the pillow. The goodnite™ is the ONLY Smart Snoring Solution that has been Clinically Proven in Sleep Labs to Reduce Snoring.

Welcome to goodnite™ - Here is what you can expect...

Reduce snoring up to 85% average per night. Reduce the volume or loudness of snoring up to 80%. Improve your sleep quality and maintain a healthy partnership.

Say NO to Uncomfortable snoring solutions

The goodnite™ beats ALL other competition in a non-invasive, highly effective solution to reduce snoring.

Shoreline Medical and the goodnite™ Anti Snore Solution

Dr. Schumann talks with Nitetronic

Dr. Schumann spends a few minutes talking about snoring, it's effects on the family, and the goodnite™ Anti-Snore Solution as a new weapon in helping people get the most restful sleep possible.

Actual Users of the Goodnite™

Alicia and Henry share their experience..."it works."

customer reviews

Works great on snoring.

Overall, ... a very good job on reducing snoring. The app shows the time and duration of snoring/sleeping, and shows how effective it is...
I use a wedge pillow beneath the nitronic pillow, which helps make this more comfortable. This is much easier to use than dental appliances (which I cannot use) or a CPAP... (I was diagnosed with severe aepnia sleeping on my back) and this is better.

Bruce Bolduc on Jan 04, 2017

Never slept Better...

I really do love my anti snore goodnite pillow. While visiting over thanksgiving my sister witnessed how this pillow successfully stopped snoring. She was so impressed that she plans to buy one for her husband. Even better I was used to waking up stiff from my arthritis but now I awake pain free. I'm sleeping better than ever!!

Mary Anne Blice on Dec 04, 2016

My wife rates it a thumbs up!

I will tell you it will take more than 3 days to get used to it, and I was using a buckwheat pillow (not considered to be soft) prior to the Nitetronic. I needed a little bit more lift so I adjusted the buckwheat pillow a couple of times to get it right. I think that it has helped a lot, resting better and my better half says she's resting better, too!

Randy Yates on Feb 10, 2017

Transforming your Pillow into a Goodnite Pillow!

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Nitetronic has been seen on major networks and talked about in print publications around the U.S.  Doesn't everyone deserve a goodnite™?

A Message To Our Customers

Thank you for your support and interest in reducing snoring with goodnite™. We could not be so successful without the support from our Sleep Labs, Medical Professionals, Distributors, and valued customers like you.

We take snoring seriously and we have listened to your reviews, suggestions, comments and criticisms. I am proud to announce that we have started the production of the new and improved goodnite™ snore solution. We have significantly improved on the comfort to meet and exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers. We have improved the algorithm of goodnite™ to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of a restful night sleep with the greatest reduction in snoring available in a smart technology. To top things off, our team of developers have improved the stability and usefulness of the Nitelink2 App to track and monitor your snoring reduction and sleep quality. 

Our goal is to make restful and healthy sleep affordable to everyone, without side-effects or compromises in sleep comfort.

Experience New Comfort.

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