Smart Pillows: A Blessing for Snorers

Smart Pillows: A Blessing for Snorers

Snoring is quite common but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. it is a health disorder people face while sleeping. If you are someone who suffers from uncontrollable snoring, keep on reading. Moreover, snoring happens due to several reasons. One of the most common causes of snoring is when a person sleeps on his back. The best way to deal with snoring is by switching to an anti-snore pillow. These pillows are equipped with MEMS pressure sensors and other technology items that help stop snoring.

What are MEMS pressure sensors?

Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are devices that combine diminutive mechanical and electronic components on a silicon chip. In addition, these MEMS pressure sensors are widely used in a variety of everyday applications. They can detect and measure external stimuli such as pressure. Moreover, it uses mechanical actions in order to respond to the measured pressure.

Besides being used in modern cars, smartphones, personal computers, and smart watches, MEMS pressure sensor is also used in smart pillows.

How to select the best smart pillow?

There are many smart snoring pillows available on the market, but the real task is to select the best one. Before making the purchasing decision, make sure you analyze your sleeping position and know whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper.

Listed below are the main factors you must consider while selecting the best smart pillow:

  • Your sleeping posture
  • The material used in pillows
  • Make sure it has a MEMS pressure sensor
  • Comfort level
  • Better support

How do Smart Pillows help to Stop Snoring?

Smart pillows contain soft, adjustable, and comfortable fillings which enhance their functionality. What makes it so special is the amazing support it has to offer. When you raise the head of your bed with a high-quality smart pillow, you experience reduced snoring. Also, as soon as your head is elevated on a smart pillow, it unblocks airways. This is the reason serious snorers are suggested to purchase these pillows.

Which Type of People need Smart Pillows?

As mentioned above, snoring is mostly influenced because of a specific sleeping position of a person. The majority of back sleepers suffer from this problem. When someone sleeps on their back, the tongue slips back hence resulting in blocking the airway which eventually reduces the amount of air that can reach the lungs. Furthermore, the narrowed airway causes snoring.

Therefore, back sleepers are requested to use smart pillows to get the right support on the back and head due to their unique design. With a smart pillow, one can easily avoid the very uncomfortable snoring issue. These pillows have properties that help prevent snoring as they are specifically created with snorers in mind.

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