How Does Smart Pillow Work and is it Worth It?

How Does Smart Pillow Work and is it Worth It?

In today’s time, people are extremely busy and stressed. This is the reason they need a good night's sleep to feel relaxed. Pillows play an important role in promoting better sleep. If your pillow is not comfortable, you won’t sleep properly and you will feel sleepy and lethargic the entire day. To improve your sleeping experience and make it even better, we introduce you to the ‘Smart Pillow’. It might look like a regular pillow but it is extraordinary. Let’s see how it’s so different:

Anti-Snoring Pillow

One of the best things about smart pillows is that they counteract snoring. If you start to snore while sleeping, the pillow will make vibrations signalling you to change positions.

Engineering Inside

The size of a smart pillow is bigger than an ordinary pillow because there are various elements integrated into it. Since there are electronics implemented within the pillow, you can expect it to be heavier as compared to a regular pillow. The pieces of foam located inside the pillow can be removed as per your wish so that you can sleep more comfortably.

The important electronic units in the smart pillow are:

  • Sleep tracking sensors
  • Speakers and microphones
  • Long-life batteries
  • Control board with wireless connectivity
  • Speakers and Microphones

Inside a smart pillow, there are several miniature speakers that can connect to your smartphone or any other smart gadget through Bluetooth. This allows you to stream your favorite music. Besides that, the microphones are there to detect your snoring. Whenever you snore, the microphones detect it and send a signal to the control board for further processing.

Control Board

The Control board is like the brain of your pillow. Most control boards are integrated with several units like Bluetooth, WiFi, Speakers, Microphones, etc. Moreover, there are microcontrollers present in the control board that are pre-programmed to perform a specific task.

Long-life Batteries

The best thing about a smart pillow is that it is equipped with rechargeable batteries. You can easily charge your smart pillow with its power adapter and use it for two weeks with just a single charge.

Can Smart Pillows Really Help You Sleep Better?

Smart pillows can definitely help you sleep better. Your results will largely depend on how you follow the data provided by the manufacturers. If your trackers instruct you to avoid looking at any screens one hour before bedtime, you will have to take the advice for the magic to begin.

Besides that, features like snore reduction, temperature regulation, and sound system will help improve your sleep. In short, these pillows will improve your sleeping patterns and help you sleep better and healthier.

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