Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

Nitetronic is dedicated to solving the snoring problem for back sleepers through technology products and creating a healthy and undisturbed sleep environment.

Product introduction

1.How Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore Pillow works

The Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore pillows recognizes the snoring sound and head position through the MEMS sensor. Once snoring is detected, the air chambers will automatically turn the head gently and slowly to the side. This increases the gap between the tongue and throat, stopping the vibrations of the soft tissues in the upper airway, thereby reducing snoring and making breathing easier. The air chambers in the anti-snore pillows remain inflated for a period of time to keep the head in position and prevent snoring again.


2.German Engineering, IP Protected

The anti-snoring technology of Nitetronic smart anti-snore pillows originated from Germany and has obtained invention patents in Germany, the United States, and other countries.

3.Snoring Recognition in Real Time

Nitetronic smart anti-snore pillows can continuously detect snoring throughout the night through MEMS sensors, and filter out noise around you while sleeping through intelligent algorithms, and MEMS sensors can accurately identify snoring. It only recognizes the snoring of the pillow user, not the sounds made by the partner or the surrounding environment. Users can adjust the detection sensitivity according to their daily routine, the higher the level is, the more snoring is detected and the longer the intervention lasts.

Users who feel tired or snore more seriously after drinking alcohol can increase their sensitivity before falling sleep. The intervention intensity of the pillow can also be set according to your own situation. The higher the level is set, the higher the height of the smart pillow, pushing the head sideways to reduce snoring faster.

4.Quite Sleep Without Disturbing Intervention

The Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore pillows has built-in head position recognition sensors and six independent flexible air chambers. The six position sensors accurately detect the head position. After receiving the signal of snoring sounds, the six air chambers will strategically and slowly push the head to the side until the snoring is significantly reduced or even stopped.

5.APP Monitoring, Visual Data

The Nitetronic Smart Anti-Snore pillows is equipped with a smart APP. The self-developed APP can personalize the Smart Anti-Snore pillows, including sensitivity, snoring intervention intensity, etc., and can also help users fully understand sleep and snoring conditions, including snoring duration and intensity, number of interventions, etc. Relevant sleep data can be viewed in the app, including snoring count, duration, intensity and sleep quality reports. In the APP, you can set the sensitivity of snoring detection, monitor sleep in real time, record the effect of anti-snoring sound, and improve visibility.

6.Hassle-free, Undisturbed Sleep

With the five-fold noise reduction technology of the control box, the Nitetronic smart anti-snore pillows can eliminate the snoring sound to 28 dB, so it will not disturb your or your partner's normal sleep.

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