About memory foam pillows

About memory foam pillows

With the accelerating pace of life, people are paying more and more attention to their sleep problems. If you sleep for eight hours a day, about one-third of  your life will be spent in sleep. For sleep, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the length of sleep, but also to better sleep quality. So how  to choose a pillow that suits you has become a key factor in improving sleep quality.

Memory foam is a material that everyone is talking about at the moment, and it has been confirmed by many people  that memory foam pillow can help sleep and adjust sleeping position better than our previous traditional pillows. So we first need to understand what a memory foam pillow is. 

Memory foam pillow is a kind of pillow made of slow rebound material.  It is not to increase people's memory.  By using memory foam pillow often,the pillow itself will form the shape of the user's head and neck, so as to better fit the cervical spine to improve comfort. The so-called memory pillow refers to a pillow that can form an inherent shape to protect the health of the cervical spine. The memory pillow is made of a slow-rebound material, namely polyether polyurethane, which is a temperature-sensitive decompression material.

This material was first used in the aerospace industry. In the 1960s, NASA invented this slow rebound material in order to protect the astronauts' spines and relieve the pressure on the astronauts. Memory foam was initially too expensive to be widely used. With the development of science and technology, this material has now entered people's lives, and gradually extended to bedding due to the comfortable body feeling.

Memory foam pillows can provide all-round support for the body and provide continuous support for multiple stress points according to the shape of the body. If you've been using an unsuitable mattress for a long time and it causes your back pain, memory foam pillows can help you alleviate those problems.

If  you need sit behind your desk all day such as students, white-collar workers, and driver drivers, then you can choose to buy a memory foam pillow to improve sleep quality. At the same time, memory foam pillows are also quite suitable for middle-aged and elderly friends, which can effectively improve sleeping problems such as insomnia.

Advantages of memory foam pillows:

◆Memory deformation

The automatic shaping ability of the memory foam pillow can fix the head and reduce the possibility of stiff neck; the automatic shaping ability can properly fill the shoulder gap, avoid the common problem of air leakage at the shoulder, and can effectively prevent cervical spine problems.

◆Material is comfortable

Because the shape and structure of the memory foam are similar to that of the sponge, the ventilation holes of the memory pillow are evenly arranged up and down, which can achieve the effect of moisture absorption and ventilation, and the moisture absorption performance is excellent, thereby reducing the stuffy head. In addition, the memory foam pillow is soft to the touch. Due to its special material, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it has the effect of antibacterial and anti-mite.

Choosing a pillow that suits you is directly related to your sleep quality. In addition to  its comfort,  it also needs to be able to closely fit the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so as to enhance the happiness of sleep both physiologically and psychologically.

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