A Deep Dive into the Best App to Measure Sleep Quality

A Deep Dive into the Best App to Measure Sleep Quality

Sleeping quality becomes more crucial in the current society, and there are an increasing amount of people downloading sleep quality measure apps to measure their sleep to see how much relaxation their bodies have. According to research, there are more than 500 sleep measurement apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, their quality and functions varied, and people are still looking for the best app to measure sleep quality. Nitetronic is the saviour of this situation because its sleep quality measurement can be the best app to measure sleep quality that you have ever used.

Structure of Best App to Measure Sleep Quality

The Nitetronic sleep quality measure app connects with the Nitetronic Anti-Snore pillow, and it has four parts to measure your sleep quality. Before you touch them, submit your weight and height to get a recommended snoring sensitivity setting.

1. Home

This is the place where you can check the app's connection with your Nitetronic Anti-Snore pillow. It stores the history of the app's connection with the anti-snore pillow. You can check how many days you have used the anti-snore pillow.

2. Report

One of the best functions of the Nitetronic App for Anti-Snore Pillow is that it gives your sleep quality report the next morning, so you can check how relieved your body felt and how good your sleep quality was last night. As the best app to measure sleep quality, Nitetronic made four types of snoring intensity: Quiet, Light, Loud, and Epic.

The factors of snoring include problems with the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, flu and your weight. When you move from light sleep to deep sleep, the muscles at the top of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat will relax. Once the tissues of your throat relax to a point, they will partially block your airway and vibrate. The more narrowed the airway, the more forceful the airflow becomes. At this point, the tissue vibration increased and caused your loud snoring. Alcoholics, smokers and overweight groups are more likely to have loud snoring when sleeping.

3. Intervention Performance

As the best app to measure sleep quality, the Nitetronic APP also has a statistical record that shows your daily or weekly Snoring Rate, Snoring Time, Intervention Time and Snoring Intensity. You can see the improvement in your sleep quality, or seek a doctor if your snoring rate looks horrible on the app record.

4. Setting

You can set Snoring Detection Sensitivity and Intervention Intensity in the best app to measure sleep quality before you sleep. You can turn on/off Intervention Mode and set Intervention Duration according to the change in your sleep quality. By the way, the stronger the level of Snoring Detection Sensitivity is, the larger the frequency and quantity range of detecting snoring is. The stronger the level of Intervention Intensity, the higher the air chambers will inflate.   


The Nitetronic App is the best app to measure your sleep quality! Buy the Anti-Snore Pillow and download the app now!

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