2023 Best CPAP pillow- Top Picks Nitetroic Z6

2023 Best CPAP pillow- Top Picks Nitetroic Z6
  1. What Is a CPAP Pillow?

  2. Is a CPAP Pillow Right for Me?

  3. Where Can You Buy a Pillow for Sleep Apnea?

  4. Why We Picked - Nitetroic Z6


People who use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine often struggle to find a comfortable way to sleep that accommodates their mask. CPAP pillows offer cutouts and other features to allow sleepers to find a good position, making these pillows a popular accessory for many CPAP users. 

We’ve gathered information on some of the best CPAP pillows on the market. We’ll discuss why we chose them and who they would be best for, as well as providing tips on what you need to keep in mind when shopping for a CPAP pillow.


What Is a CPAP Pillow?

While CPAP users can theoretically use whatever style of pillow they prefer, CPAP pillows are usually made from solid foam with cutouts that leave space for a CPAP mask. 

These cutouts make it significantly easier for CPAP users to sleep on their side, though most CPAP pillows are also comfortable for people who prefer to sleep on their back. Cutouts can also help prevent leaks caused by jostling the CPAP mask during sleep. 

The size and shape of CPAP pillows can vary dramatically, as can the shape and design of the mask cutouts. Different designs are more or less effective depending on a sleeper’s body shape, preferred sleep position, and mask type.



Is a CPAP Pillow Right for Me?

CPAP pillows are only one option available to CPAP users, and not everyone finds that a CPAP pillow fits their needs. When deciding whether to purchase a CPAP pillow.


Do You Need a Prescription for a CPAP Pillow?

CPAP pillows are not considered medical devices and can be purchased without a prescription. CPAP machines, heated humidifiers, and CPAP masks are generally the only CPAP supplies that require a prescription.

Will Health Insurance or Medicare Cover the Cost of Your CPAP Pillow?

Health insurance and Medicare do not usually cover the cost of CPAP pillows, as pillows are not considered essential or durable medical equipment. However, it’s important to read through your health care provider’s policies to learn more about whether they offer any coverage for CPAP supplies.



Where Can You Buy a Pillow for Sleep Apnea?

CPAP pillows for sleep apnea can be purchased online or at a brick-and-mortar location, from both specialized and non-specialized retailers.

Because there is no need to verify a prescription, CPAP pillows can often be purchased from retailers such as bedding companies or Amazon. However, specialized CPAP retailers may have a wider range of options and more information about what pillows work well for different mask types.

Online retailers usually have lower prices and a wider selection than brick-and-mortar locations. However, in-person shopping gives you the chance to feel different pillows and ask for personalized advice from staff.


Our Top Picks

Best Overall - Nitetroic Z6



Why We Picked it?

Our team chooses featured products after extensive research into a wide range of factors, including the product’s performance, real-world customer experiences with both the product and brand, and the different features each product offers. 

Years of combined experience with sleep apnea and CPAP products has given our team the understanding needed to contextualize the research and share it with our readers. We found Nitetroic Z6 to be more effective in treating CPAP symptoms clinically



What You Should Consider When Choosing a CPAP Pillow

Choosing the right CPAP pillow can be a confusing process. To avoid having to try more than one CPAP pillow, it’s worth breaking down the factors for consideration into a number of different categories.

Not all categories will be equally important for each person, so shoppers should think about which are most important to them and which they’re willing to compromise on if needed.

Choosing a CPAP Pillow Based on Sleep Position

A person’s preferred sleep position defines what pillow is likely to best suit their needs, and this is even more true for people who use a CPAP machine. Some positions require cutouts for the mask, while other positions work best with cervical stabilization for a comfortable sleep.

  • Side sleepers:Side sleepers require a pillow with a high enough loft to hold their head and neck parallel with the rest of their spine. A medium to firm pillow is best, as one that is too soft will interfere with this position. The pillow should also have mask cutouts positioned so that it’s easy to fit the mask into them.
  • Back sleepers:Mask cutouts are not necessary for back sleepers, who should instead focus on whether a CPAP pillow’s shape will stabilize their cervical spine and prevent excessive movement. Back sleepers usually require a lower pillow loft, and most prefer a medium to medium firm feel.
  • Stomach sleepers:It is difficult to find a CPAP pillow that supports stomach sleeping. Many pillows have cutouts that provide space for the user’s mask when they turn their head, but this can misalign the spine and cause muscle tension. Instead, an adjustable pillow filled with shredded foam is likely to be the best choice for this position.
  • Combination sleepers:People who switch between two or more sleep positions should look for a CPAP pillow with different loft options. Some pillows feature removable layers, and others come with both higher and lower edges that can support different sleep positions.


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