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About Nitetronic

Nitetronic was established by German engineers in 2011 and Leads the Industry in Sleep Technology. With its Patented Anti-Snore Pillow, goodnite™, Nitetronic is recognized as a pioneer in the “Sleep Healthcare Market”. Nitetronic has its own R&D, Sales & Marketing, and Manufacturing sites in Hamburg, Los Angeles and Shanghai to ensure the highest quality and best customer service.


Increasing Sleep Quality is the main objective of Nitetronic. Our goal is to become a global player in the Sleep Healthcare Market.

To achieve this, we promise to:

  • Work closely with the most recognized research institutes and clinics
  • Develop the most innoative products
  • Maintain highest quality-standards
  • Take care of our customers, employees and shareholders

About Our Pillow

the anti-snore pillowThe goodnite™ Anti-Snore Solution continuously monitors your breathing sounds and head position on the pillow while you sleep. If the person on the pillow should begin to snore, the integrated air-chambers inside the pillow slowly inflate to turn the head automatically, quietly and gently to the side. Through this movement the distance between the tongue and the throat is increased and snoring is significantly reduced or stopped. 

Don't waste your money on uncomfortable mouthpieces, dangerous medications, electric devices or masks. Lifting the head is proven to be ineffective. The goodnite™ Ant-Snore Solution is completely non-invasive and causes no side-effects. Plus, you can connect goodnite™ to your smart phone to monitor your snoring reduction and sleep quality with our Nitelink2 Interactive App.

Give yourself, your spouse, or an expecting mother a restful sleep!

Get your goodnite™ today.