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If using goodnite™ beside spouse

goodnite™ focuses on the snoring of the person on the pillow. This reduces unintentional actions from the snoring of the spouse. Please keep 4 inches (10cm) distance between goodnite™ and the pillow of your bed-partner.


Adjustment Period

goodnite™ is designed to provide ultimate comfort. However, some users might require some time to get used to the comfort of goodnite™. Please allow yourself 5-10 days to adjust to goodnite™.

To adjust the height and comfort of goodnite™, you may place a layer of foam, cloth, or another pillow underneath your goodnite™.


 Nitelink2 Smartphone App

friends showing snore data from smart phone app

Nitelink2 Smartphone App for iOS and Android

With the Nitelink2 Smartphone App, you can monitor your sleep time and quality, as well as your snoring time and intensity. You will compare nightly data to track your Progress and reduction in snoring. The user can adjust sensitivity of the snore sensors and program start and stop times for recording nightly data.

The goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow can be used independently without the app and still have the same effectiveness, but the app is recommended for the ultimate user experience in Snoring Reduction. Please visit your app store for more information and to download the app.

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Nitelink2 Anti-Snore Smart Phone App


Nitelink2 Application (APP)

The “Nitelink2” Application (APP) is available for ANDROID (version 5.0 and above) and iOS Smartphones. The Nitelink2 Application (APP) allows the user to configure goodnite™, monitor and analyze the sleep and determine the effectiveness of goodnite™ on the user’s snoring. The function of goodnite™ is constantly improving. The firmware can be updated with the Nitelink2 Application (APP).


Connect Nitelink2 App to your goodnite™



Determine the EFFECTIVENESS of goodnite™

The principal of determining the effectiveness of goodnite™ is the comparison of the relative snoring time (in percentage) between nights when the pillow is ACTIVE and nights when the pillow is NOT ACTIVE.

1) to record the sleep with ACTIVE set to OFF: go to PROFILE and select ACTIVE to OFF. Sleep a few nights on goodnite™ with this configuration in order to generate a ‘base-line’ on your snoring profile. The pillow will only monitor your sleep profile and will NOT kick into action, even if snoring is detected.

 2) to record the sleep with ACTIVE set to ON: go to PROFILE and select ACTIVE to ON. Sleep a few nights on goodnite™ with this configuration in order to generate your snoring profile with fully functional goodnite™.


Make sure that your SCHEDULE is set correctly with your Nitelink2 Application (APP)! We recommend to set the SCHEDULE well before you go to bed until 1-2 hours before you plan to wake up.



Store goodnite™ in its original shape in a dry environment (30% ~ 65% relative humidity) and at a suitable room temperature (+5 to +45°C). Store goodnite™ carefully (do not fold or bend, do not expose to pressure) to prevent shape or technical damage to the inner structure of the pillow. Use the original packaging for transportation. 



goodnite™ cannot be washed or dry-cleaned. To clean the pillow, remove the outer pillowcase, ventilate the pillow or gently clean the protective inner cover with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust or stains from the surface. The protective inner cover protects the sensitive technical parts of the pillow from moisture buildup.


The outer pillowcase can be removed and cleaned according to the instructions on the washing label (inside the cover). When washing, pillowcase must be turned inside-out and the zipper closed.