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Nitelink2 Smartphone APP

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Nitelink2 Smartphone App for iOS and Android

With the Nitelink2 Smartphone App, you can monitor your sleep time and quality, as well as your snoring time and intensity. You will compare nightly data to track your Progress and reduction in snoring. The user can adjust sensitivity of the snore sensors and program start and stop times for recording nightly data.

The goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow can be used independently without the app and still have the same effectiveness, but the app is recommended for the ultimate user experience in Snoring Reduction. Please visit your app store for more information and to download the app.

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Nitelink2 Anti-Snore Smart Phone App

Nitelink2 Application 

The Smartphone App records nightly data to help determine the effectiveness of the goodnite™ anti-snore pillow. This data can also be shared with a sleep specialist in order to help recognize and diagnose possible sleep disorders.

Software features:
1) Bluetooth 4.x (BLE) connection to goodnite™ (GN02-6000)
2) Monitors:
- sleep time and sleep quality (head position on pillow)
- snoring time and snoring intensity (volume)
3) Determine the user’s snoring reduction with goodnite™
4) Set the personal profile for goodnite™:
- sensitivity level of snoring detection
- set pillow to ACTIVE and NON-ACTIVE
(to determine the effectiveness)
- set recording schedule
5) DEMO-MODE (after firmware update)
6) Firmware update for goodnite™, if required
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