Clinical Study | Anti-Snore Pillow Reduces Snoring

In a Clinical Study Conducted December, 2014 at The University ENT Clinic in Mannheim, Germany with 157 patients...Results were Conclusive:

With Every Single Patient, a Significant Reduction in Snoring Duration Was Observed in PSG reports during the nights With Pillow Activity. The comparison of PSG reports shows that the active head position change leads to No Deterioration of the Sleep and Breathing Related Parameters.

There was no increase in arousal or subjective sleep disturbances. This implies that the Head Movements are Gentle enough. There is no significant change of the Total Sleep Time (TST) spent in supine position with activated vs. non-activated pillow. This Indicates that Head Rotation Alone is Responsible for the Documented Effects.

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Clinical Study - Nitetronic

Compare to other anti-snoring options.

compare anti-snore pillow to other snoring solutions
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Clinical Report - Snoring ReducedCrossover Snoring StudyInternational Field Test - Anti-Snore Pillow