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Clinical Study | Goodnite Snore Solution Reduces Snoring

In a Clinical Study about the ‘Effects on Snoring and Sleep by Using a Head Position Changing Pillow’ (goodnite™) was conducted in 2013/2014 at The University ENT Clinic in Mannheim, Germany under the supervision of Dr. Joachim T. Maurer. The results from the clinical study reveal a significant reduction of snoring and no deterioration of sleep and respiratory parameters. There was no increase in arousals or subjective sleep disturbances. Every test subject in the clinical study demonstrated significant reduction of snoring duration. This Clinical Study has been published the first time at the DGSM Congress (German Society of Sleep Medicine) in December 2014.

A first empirical Field-Test with 157 patients sleeping on the Goodnite™ showed a reduction in snoring of 67% in average. This Field-Test has been published by The University ENT Clinic in Mannheim, Germany in the SOMNOLOGY-Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine in March 2014.

A Clinical Study at the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands reviles that the AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea-Index) was > 5 higher when the head was also in supine position compared to when the head was turned to the side (SLEEP, Vol. 34, No. 8, 2011).

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Clinical Study - Nitetronic

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