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So What Type of Snorer Are You?

So What Type of Snorer Are You?

With a variety of natural remedies on how to stop snoring naturally, it always helps to identify what type of snorer you truly are before looking for a solution. With your number one goal being to get a consistent and good night sleep, we really need to dive deep and do some investigative work to figure out why you snore. Finding out the answer will help pinpoint a customized solution for getting steady sleep without all that noise.

The first step in gathering the evidence would be to ask your spouse to join in on the investigation. His or her role would be to help keep a daily sleep diary to monitor and observe your snoring. By documenting patterns of your snoring throughout the night, you can typically figure out the causes of your snoring. You will also be able to identify what makes your snoring worse. If you are having trouble enlisting the help of your partner, you should really consider using the Nitetronic Smart Phone Technology which will monitor your sleep and snoring pattern throughout the night. Below are some items that should be documented during the sleep evaluation process.

Are You a Mouth Wide Open Snorer?

A large number of people snore with their mouth wide open. Snoring with an open mouth signals that the relaxed tissues inside of your throat might be causing the problem. If your throat is slightly blocked, your body will start to force more air out. This dynamic activity will create loud snoring sounds.

Are You a Mouth Shut Snorer?

People who snore with their mouth shut during sleep are likely experiencing a problem with their tongue and nasal passageways.

Are You a Back Snorer?

Breathing through your mouth will more likely than not occur while you are sleeping on your back. Snoring is typically intensified in non-snorers during back sleep. Back sleepers experiencing mild snoring should consider rolling over to try to reduce and eliminate the problem.

Are You a Snorer No Matter What?

If you snore in various positions during sleep regardless of your body adjustments, you might be experiencing a more severe medical condition such as sleep apnea. You should consider visiting with your medical practitioner if the noise from your snoring is keeping your spouse awake, and you have already tried adjusting to various sleeping positions.  A more definite and individualized approach can be specified by your doctor to guide you through the process to stop snoring.

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