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Snoring, High Blood Pressure and Stroke - not a good combo.

Snoring and Stroke

Snoring is a problem that a large number of people have to deal with on a daily basis. According to experts, around one in every five adults suffers from at least a mild form of snoring, with men being disproportionately more affected. But when does the sound of snoring turn from an annoying nuisance to an actual health hazard? 

Snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea, a medical condition which is linked to a reduction in the amount of oxygen the brain receives. Sleep apnea is characterized by frequent but brief periods of awakening at night during which the blood flow in the brain fluctuates. The symptomatology is caused by the blockage of the airways due to the weight on the upper chest and neck. A recent study presented at the International Stroke Conference demonstrated a high correlation between poor sleep, whether caused by insomnia or snoring, and the risk of developing a stroke. The research team behind it found that people who slept for more than eight hours a night and those who snored had a much higher risk of having a stroke, presumably through a link between the mechanism of sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

High blood pressure has been identified as key risk factor for stroke; what’s more, nearly 40% of all cases occur while the patient is sleeping or within an hour of their awakening, which once again points to a link between snoring and stroke. Fortunately, snoring is treatable with the proper tools and seeking help can not only improve the quality of your sleep but also protect your health in the long term.

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