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Snoring during pregnancy is more common than you might think.

Here at Nitetronic, we are dedicated to helping reduce snoring, so we thought we would share this great article from on why you may be snoring during your pregnancy and what you can do to prevent and stop snoring.

Snoring during pregnancy? You’re not alone.

By Julie Revelant


Published June 21, 2015

You’re prepared for the morning sickness, weight gain and insomnia, but you may not have planned for one side effect of pregnancy— snoring.

Studies show that between 25 and 30 percent of women snore during pregnancy. In fact, a study in the journal SLEEP found that 35 percent of women reported snoring 3 to 4 times a week or every day. Plus, 26 percent of women only started to snore during their pregnancies.

What causes snoring?
Snoring happens when the upper airways relax and partially close which makes it more difficult to get enough air through the mouth and the nose.  

There are several reasons why snoring is common during pregnancy.

For starters, as your uterus and baby grow and press on your diaphragm, it’s inevitable that...CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

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