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Seven Healthy Sleep tips for the New Year!

Seven Sleep Tips for the New Year

We here at Nitetronic, care about your sleep and we want you to sleep better in the New Year. We have curated these seven sleep tips to help you achieve the restful night sleep you deserve.

  1. In the morning when you wake up, try to expose yourself to bright sunlight. Have your coffee outside, or eat breakfast near a sunlit window.
  2. Try to take regular breaks outdoors during the day. Shoot for 30 minutes or so of exposure. This exposure to sunlight affects your circadian rhythm, which effects your sleep. Also, bright light during the day can positively affect your mood and alertness.
  3. Exercise. Any exercise. 30 minutes a day, walking, running, cycling, whatever you like,...just get moving a little.
  4. Try to avoid any alcohol or caffeine within about 3 hours of your bedtime.
  5. Your bedroom should be a place of rest where you go to recharge from a long day. Do not watch TV in bed, or work on your computer. These will not only keep you awake, but they actually carry stress into your bedroom, and stress is not good for sleep.
  6. Keep a tidy bedroom. Make sure your sleeping place is neat and organized. A busy or cluttered sleeping space can make for a busy and cluttered mind when you are trying to fall asleep.
  7. Turn off ALL screens 2 hours before bed! The light from your phone, TV, laptop, etc. alters your sleepiness and suppresses melatonin levels. This light also effects how alert and productive we are the following day.

Have a Restful and Happy New Year!

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