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Music Therapy to Help Reduce Snoring

Did you know that music can help you with your snoring? That’s right, not only does listening to relaxing music at bedtime help you sleep better, but learning to play a wind instrument or practicing your singing can help you ease your snoring.

Singing: If you love to sing, and you snore, you are in luck. Certain prescribed singing exercises help to improve your breath control, as well as improve muscle control of the upper throat and soft palate, both areas of which are part of the cause of common snoring.

Playing a wind instrument: Wind instruments such as saxophone, clarinet and trumpet, plus exotic instruments like the didgeridoo from Australia, help to train the muscles in the upper airway and can help you with your snoring in the same way that singing does.

reduce snoring with a didgeridoo

There have a been a few studies about this and more will need to be conducted, but it makes perfect sense that if you train your breathing muscles, you will benefit from these exercises when you are sleeping. 

Try it, … and have a goodnite™.

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