Smart Snoring Solution | Meet the engineer behind Nitetronic

Smart Snoring Solution - Meet the engineer behind Nitetronic

Meet Hubertus von Janecek - the engineer behind the worlds first truly interactive anti-snore pillow with smartphone technology. He patented the technology in 2011 and is seen here with the published results from a clinical sleep study done using the goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow. His anti-snore pillow is still the ONLY anti-snore pillow on the market with the clinical results to back it up.Hubertus von Janecek inventer of the goodnite anti-snore pilllow

In a recent interview, he said this about the goodnite™ anti-snore pillow...


“It was our goal to develop an easy-to-use, non-invasive, non-wearable, non training and affordable anti-snore product, that doesn’t wake the user and fits seamlessly into everyone’s lifestyle habits. The result is the goodnite™ Anti-Snore Pillow. The goodnite™ monitors the users sleep when using the smartphone app, and shows the user the next morning how effective goodnite™ was on the user’s snoring. We understand the challenge of developing an anti-snore pillow, which is effective as well as comfortable. The goodnite™ might not satisfy every user. However, we hope that the goodnite™ anti-snore pillow will help the vast majority of the 90 millions Americans who suffer from snoring.”

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  • I snores but am on a CPAP device as I have OSA. Is this pillow recommend for use for OSA patients or only for snoring with no obstructive events?

    Gilles Labelle

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