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Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

- Sleep is an essential part of the lives of human beings. Undisturbed sleep eventually causes a lot of issues for the individual and thus, it is important for one to get sound sleep at night. Snoring is a state that can be caused by a combination of a few things. In most of the cases, the reason behind the snoring problem is specific to the individual.

It can be a huge problem, even if you live alone and cannot hear your own snores. However, when this issue worsens, the person might jerk themselves awake many times in the middle of the night, as snoring interrupts the steady breathing pattern during sleep.

Here are a few effective ways for you to stop snoring:

1.    Sleeping Position:

  • Pros: Your sleeping position has a lot of impact on your snoring problem. The people who sleep on their back instead of sleeping on their side are the ones who mostly have a snoring problem. You can also use a full-length pillow to support and maintain your sleeping position on the side. On the other hand, if your snoring issue does not end, then you might be facing obstructive sleep apnea, which should be treated as soon as possible.
  • Cons: You might not get used to the new sleeping position, which is why you can become insomniac.

2.    Stop Smoking Immediately:

  • Pros: Smoking is not only bad for your health, but it also contributes to certain respiratory problems. It causes obstacles in your airway, which makes it hard for the oxygen to pass through efficiently. On the other hand, smoking can cause blockage in the small vessels and that ultimately leads to snoring. Smoking adds to the snoring issue as it causes swelling in the mucous membrane that is present in the nose, resulting in a disruptive breathing pattern.
  • Cons: It is very difficult for one to quit smoking immediately. However, you can reduce your smoking habits but the procedure would have a slow impact on your snoring issue.

3.    Sleep Hygiene:

  • Pros: Poor hygiene practices are unhealthy for the mind and the body. Therefore, if you do not practice good hygiene before going to sleep then you are likely going to be interrupted during sleep with constant snores. When you are overtired and do not get time to get ready for bed, then your muscles become rigid, which results in deep sleep and loud snores.
  • Cons: It is hard for people to maintain a proper bedtime routine if they work for long hours without enough sleep.

4.    Change Your Pillows:

  • Pros: You have to know that your dirty pillows might be the causes of your snoring issues, as the dust in the pillows might interfere with your steady breathing pattern. Likewise, the people who are allergic to dust would wake up every now and then due to the disruptive sleeping pattern. Furthermore, you can use the anti-snoring pillows to develop a smooth sleeping pattern because the anti-snoring pillows support the neck and head in such a manner that it keeps the airway open at all times.
  • Cons: If you do not find the right anti-snoring pillow then it would not produce effective results.

5.    Quit Drinking Alcohol:

  • Pros: Not only alcohol, but many other similar things like sleeping pills, sedatives, beer, etc., are the common cause for the snoring issues. These things relax the muscles present in the throat and the rest of the body, which is why the muscles of the throat interfere with your air passage. Taking alcohol right before going to sleep can make normal people snore too. However, if you already snore then alcohol will make your snores louder than they usually are.
  • Cons: For the habitual drinkers, it might be too difficult to avoid drinking before going to sleep, which in turn can be the cause of other opposite effects on the body.

6.    Lose Extra Weight:

  • Pros: Obesity is one of the most common causes of snoring. By exercising for a sufficient amount of time every single day, you can tone the muscles in your throat and lose weight efficiently, which can lessen the snoring issues in the beginning, and ultimately diminish this issue once and for all. You can perform some of the most effective exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen the muscles in your throat. If you reduce the extra fat around your neck, shoulders, and the fatty tissues in the back of your throat, then you would be able to sleep much more peacefully, which in turn can decrease or stop your snoring issues.
  • Cons: Losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet can be a problem for many people in the initial days. Furthermore, it is a quite slow process and until you lose a reasonable amount of weight, you cannot reduce your snoring problems.

7.    Stay Hydrated:

  • Pros: It is extremely vital for you to drink a lot of water throughout the day in order to keep your body hydrated. When you are dehydrated and you go to bed then the secretions in your nose are likely to stick and thus, it interferes with the air passage. These simple practices can actually make a huge difference in reducing your snoring problem.
  • Cons: Drinking too much water before going to bed is unhealthy for the kidneys.


If you are tired of the complications caused by snoring then you have to remember that you have to keep trying all of the possible remedies until you, eventually, find the right one. On the other hand, if you have tried a lot of remedies and none of them worked, then you should get yourself checked, as the symptoms of sleep apnea are somewhat similar and it is a much serious issue. Try to get rid of your snores as soon as possible so that you enjoy a sound sleep at night without any disruptions.

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